Mezzanine Capital Investment Strategy

The mezzanine capital strategy has invested across a variety of industry sectors. Our general criteria for investments have included:

  • Investment size between $3 million and $10 million per investment
  • Subordinated debt, preferred equity, or selective minority co-investments in common equity
  • Four to Six year tenure
  • Annual Revenues between $10 and $150 million, with annual EBITDA between $2 and $10 million
  • Experienced management teams with a strong track record and a significant financial commitment linked to the success of the business
  • Stable or growing, predictable cash flow sufficient to service proforma debt with an appropriate capital structure
  • Defensible market position which does not require significant amounts of capital expenditures to maintain
  • Manufacturing, service, or distribution business with low technology risk
  • Lead Investor or Co-Investor
  • Companies in the Southeast, Mid-West, or Mid-Atlantic regions
  • No start-ups, early stage turnarounds, or companies in the real estate or high-tech markets
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